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Five On Channel 5

3 Mar

SINGAPORE: Whoever said there wasn’t anything worth watching on TV obviously hasn’t, you know, been watching TV. But there’s still time to change your mind.

In fact, you’ve got a whole month to do so, as MediaCorp Channel 5 unveils five local shows this month. From the return of the smartest, smooth-talking kids in town to a new “neighbourly” drama series to a reality show featuring newlyweds, the diversity will make couch potatoes weep into their potato chips for joy.

But if the themes behind these shows still don’t seem to be much incentive to keep one glued to one’s screens, we firmly insist you still hold on to your remote.

Most of these will feature a bevy of hotties: From Andrea Fonseka and Rebecca Tan to Eunice Olsen and Jaymee Ong to Jason Chan and Utt.

So, deal or no deal?

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Grin (Or Grimace) But Just Bare It

9 Mar

It was the first time MTV VJ Greg Uttsada and Thai actress Ploy had posed nude, and with each other no less.

But before anyone gets any impure thoughts, there was nothing naughty about the photo shoot and it was all for a good cause: To produce a coffee-table book aimed at benefiting and also sending a message to charities here.

“I was initially very concerned about the project and posing nude for it,” said Utt in a telephone interview with TODAY. “And I had a lot of questions about it.

“But speaking to the brains behind the project, photographer Dominic Khoo, and knowing that the project is to raise awareness of how charities are run, I said yes.”

Of course, it is no secret that the charity scene has been taking a beating of late, what with reports of fund mismanagement at some agencies.

In a bid to promote more transparency in how charities are run in Singapore, about 30 celebrities, including actress Michelle Chia, model-host Jaymee Ong and host Mark Zee, agreed to bare all for the camera.

Copies of the resulting coffee-table book, aptly titled

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