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One Is Never To Old To "Live The Dream"

16 May

Singapore Idol it sure isn’t, but a new singing competition will give closet singers a shot at fame, and a $40,000 cash prize to boot.

In a format reminiscent of past Talentime contests, Live The Dream aims to encourage the singing aspirations of warblers and crooners who might have shelved their singing aspirations for other careers.

And unlike Idol, which had a maximum age limit of 30, Live The Dream has no age limit. Its message is: You can never be too old to pick up that mic again.
It has a minimum age limit of 25, though.

Explaining, local pop icon Dick Lee, who will be a judge on the show said: “In Asia, the concept of an idol is someone who is young and cute, but not necessarily talented. Now we’re just looking for someone who’s always wanted that chance to be a great singer.”

Lee, 50, said the older crooners will be judged less on looks and styling than on their vocal quality. Besides Lee, the other judge will be Hype Records executive director Ken Lim, 42. Both were also judges on Singapore Idol.

MediaCorp TV Channel 5 vice president Selena Ho said: “A lot of professionals who didn’t fall into a certain age range (for the channel’s other contests), who’ve harboured dreams of singing but had to go and become a financial analyst or teacher (perhaps) – these are the people we want to come forward and audition.” The show will also have a separate category for groups, who stand to win $60,000.

Potential contestants may also be nominated by friends or family, or send a clip of themselves singing via 3G video call. A mobile crew will also be staking out shopping malls to identify possible participants.

“Logically speaking, the contestants should be more talented, because they’ll be more matured, more practical in their choices of songs,” said Lim.

Lee said it will be a “very Singaporean” show.

“It will be fun in a good oldfashioned way. We’ve forgotten about this kind of dream. Our only dream now is to live in an apartment that will go en bloc,” he added, laughing.

The hosts of the show will be Deal Or No Deal’s Andrea Fonseka, briefcase girl number 10 on the game show, actress Michelle Chia and former MTV VJ Utt.

Said Fonseka, 22: “I really want to see an uncle or auntie come on to the show and sing Chinese opera. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Auditions will be held June 2 and 3 at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub. Visit for more information. –

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