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Oriental Whirl: Friend In Love

13 Jul

Vivian Hsu is rumoured to be dating Stephen Fung (left), who split up with Karen Mok (right) early this year.
Vivian Hsu is rumoured to be dating Stephen Fung (left), who split up with Karen Mok (right) early this year.

TAIWANESE singer Vivian Hsu is playing down rumours that she is dating Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung.

Lee Da-hae was admitted to hospital for severe fatigue.
Lee Da-hae was admitted to hospital for severe fatigue.

Ayumi may be going deaf in one ear but she's still going ahead with her concerts in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei.
Ayumi may be going deaf in one ear but she’s still going ahead with her concerts in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei.

“We’re just friends,” protested the demure artiste.

The gossip mill worked overtime after photos of them together appeared in a Hong Kong magazine recently, showing Hsu in shades and Fung wearing a cap.

The magazine claimed the handsome couple had been dating for a year already. Fung and singer Karen Mok split up early this year after a nine-year romance.

Fung was reported to have said recently that “she’s so beautiful. I can’t claim to be her friend”. How does one read into that?

The sultry Mok seemed nonchalant when asked for her reaction to the magazine’s report, only saying “very good”.

In an earlier report, Mok remarked that life was “like a live show” and “one is unable to predict what will happen.”

After ending the relationship with Stephen, she reportedly cried in front of her family but still hopes to be good friends with him.

Incidentally, Mok was once Stephen Chow’s girlfriend, he of Kungfu Hustle and, more recently, CJ7 fame.

Hsu, meanwhile, had once dated F4’s Vanness Wu but they broke up about three years ago.

῕ DATUK Michelle Yeoh has set up a management firm in Hong Kong called Stellar Entertainment Ltd with film producer Terrence Chang as well as veteran journalist Tang Yang.

Artistes in their stable include Kelly Lin, Zhang Fengyi, Pace Wu, Zheng Haonan and Hong XiaoLing.

The idea for the management company was apparently mooted during the filming of John Woo’s Red Cliff.

Its aim is to develop artistes for the film industry in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

῕ RETIRED songbird Faye Wong was named “Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian” recently by Peta (that’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), following a poll. Last year’s winner was sultry Maggie Q.

Wong’s male counterpart for the “title” was Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.

῕ KOREAN star Lee Da-hae was admitted to the hospital recently for severe fatigue, the result of a punishing training schedule for new drama East Of Eden.

For her role, Lee had to undergo almost three hours of physical training every day. In East Of Eden, she plays the daughter of a tycoon embroiled in a political tsunami.

Song Seung-heon and Yeon Jung-hoon are the other stars in this much-awaited drama.

῕ JAPANESE pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki will be holding concerts in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei in the coming months.

She will enthral fans in Hong Kong on Sept 20, the Shanghai Grand Stage on Oct 18 and the Taipei Arena on Nov 1.

There had been reports of her going deaf in her left ear since the beginning of this year but it looks like her popularity has not waned nor has her enthusiasm for singing and performing.

The tour, celebrating the 10th anniversary of her singing career, started in Tokyo last April 5. Her concerts across Japan have attracted some 230,000 people thus far, according to one report.

῕ GUEY Lun-mei, the demure lass and Jay Chou’s love interest in the movie Secret, is actually a tomboy. At least that’s what she claims in a recent online report, saying that being a tomboy is the “real Guey Lun-mei”.

In the interview, she also confessed to liking guys “who act like kids” and hoped to star in a period drama in the future. As for Chou having a crush on her in real-life, she had this to say: “No way!”

῕ VETERAN actor Andy Lau has been appointed a JP (Justice of the Peace) by the Hong Kong Special Administration Region government.

Via his publicist, Lau, noted for his active involvement in charity work through the years, called it “a great honour.”

He is the second JP in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, the first being actor Michael Hui who received the appointment in 2004.


New Straits Times

Not What It Seems

25 Jun

SINGAPORE : Taken at face value, “Deception” is a lame-o raunchy psychological thriller with predictable plot twists aplenty (the poster’s tacky tagline “Are you free tonight?” kind of gives that away, doesn’t it?). But viewed more carefully … it’s still lame.

Ewan McGregor plays boring accountant Jonathan McQuarry, who lives a drab life and has a crush on a comely stranger (Michelle Williams, left). Against his better judgement, McQuarry gets seduced by the decadent world of the privileged when suave lawyer Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) shows up with friendship, US$4,000-bespoke suits and an exclusive sex club membership to offer.

The lonely geek suddenly finds himself having all the sex he can get with women way out of his league and he thinks he’s struck gold. Of course, he’s really a doomed pawn in a malicious ruse – which is to be expected seeing as the movie’s called “Deception”.

Without spoiling the predictable “surprise” twist, let’s just say that nobody in the film is what they seem and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

If you care, there is a story about desperately lonely souls who find “intimacy without intricacies” in casual sex buried under a mountain of clich
s. If you don’t, there’s a delicious cast and a three-second shot of Maggie Q’s derriere to ogle. –

Channel News Asia

Caldecott Royalty Does The Fann-Cy Talk

6 Feb

SINGAPORE: Oh yes, Fann Wong is definitely in the mood for love. “I want that rose! It’s beautiful!” she gushed with excitement.

Then, she added coyly: “Valentine’s Day is coming … ”

Take a hint, Chris. And get your cheque book out.

The rose that has captured the heart of the Princess of MediaCorp is no ordinary flower – it’s really a painting titled Life Like Flower No 1 by renown Chinese artist Feng Zhen Jie, and it costs a whopping S$400,000.

“I’d like to receive that on Valentine’s Day. If not, then never mind,” said the actress, mock sniffing, before breaking into faux evil laughter.

It was 9.45 on a Monday morning when Fann met TODAY for this interview, and she was early. She had, in fact, been up since 5am to prep for her interview on Channel News-Asia’s Prime Time Morning, and it was to be a busy, busy day ahead – more promotional work for her latest movie, Jack Neo’s Ah Long Pte Ltd, followed by rehearsals for MediaCorp TV Channel 8’s Chinese New Year countdown show.

Yet, the actress, who just turned 37 two weekends ago, looked fresh as dew, and not a year older than 30. She looked a million bucks – even with minimal make-up – in a flirty white bareback Loewe dress under a matching white leather jacket.

Clearly in high spirits, Fann was uncharacteristically – for a superstar – candid and open, yakking and joking away without reservation.

“As long as the questions are not too personal, I’m okay with it,” she said, flashing her charming megawatt smile.

We took the opportunity to venture into personal waters and asked her why she seems much more open about her relationship with her actor beau Christopher Lee these days, and she teased: “I’ll kiss him back this year (at the Star Awards)!”

We pushed our luck a little further and asked her what her boyfriend thought of her “fanny-baring” scene in Ah Long Pte Ltd (for which she didn’t think it was “necessary to use my body”, so what you’ll be seeing is her butt double).

She volunteered impishly: “I wanted to pull his leg and tell him that it is going to be my butt just to test his reaction … and to see if he’d recognise that it’s not really my butt.”

My oh my. This is not the kind of talk we were expecting from the notoriously private Caldecott royalty who has starred in Hollywood movies alongside international celebrities like Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Maggie Q. But who’s complaining?

Behind that glamorous facade, Fann proved to be a goodie-bag full of surprises. We even found out that she sneaks into local cinemas to watch the occasional movie.

“I do! I just go. I don’t care,” she said.

You just celebrated your 37th birthday two weekends ago. Are you feeling the pressure of growing old in an industry that’s constantly thirsty for youthful beauty?

Is it my 37th? I’ve lost count! Age hasn’t bothered me since I turned 21, when I was really happy. I enjoy being where I am now.

I mean, you don’t want be in your 20s forever. I’d be very afraid if I had to keep doing the same things I did in my 20s. You grow older, you get to know yourself better and you become more confident. And I think it’s wonderful to have young people coming onboard the entertainment scene. New blood is a good boost for a small industry like ours.

So you don’t feel threatened by the so-called “Seven Princesses” of MediaCorp (Fiona Xie, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh, Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Jesseca Liu and Dawn Yeoh) nipping at your Christian Louboutins?

I look at it very positively. You need a new face to represent every era. Yeah, I think every one of (the princesses) stands a very good chance.

I’m just very lucky as I happened to be in right place at the right time, meeting the right people. So, just three words of advice: ‘Hard work’ and ‘luck’.

Do you see yourself “stepping down” and retiring soon?

Being the free spirit I am, I think I’ll quit as and when there are no more fun and challenging roles left for me to play. Or, when I feel that there is something else that needs me to focus on, I’ll move on. It could happen tomorrow. Much as I love what I do, you never know ῅ passion can go out in a split second giving way to another.

Like family and motherhood, perhaps?

Maybe! I don’t know! Of course I’d like to have children. Ideally, if I can afford it, I would like to have enough children to form a football team!

But at the moment, time just doesn’t allow it. So, I’ll let nature take its course. I think I have ample time before I should start worrying.

As someone who can probably have anything you want, what is one thing you can’t have right now?

That’s not true! I can’t have that beautiful painting by Feng Zhen Jie (Life Like Flower No 1). It costs S$400,000! There’s nothing else I want.

Okay, seriously, I believe in being contented with what you have and being grateful … But I still want that art piece! I am going to steal it! –

Channel News Asia