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Maid Only 16, Not 24

28 Dec


THE Indonesian maid who allegedly killed her employer’s 12-year-old disabled daughter in Hougang is only 16.

An amended charge stating Nurhayati’s actual age, was tendered in court on Friday. The age of the maid, who goes by one name, was originally given as 24.

Nurhayati, who is from Indramayu in West Java, has been charged with murder by causing Linda Lee Yee Lin’s death at Block 573 Hougang Street 51 on Nov 24. Under the Criminal Procedure Code, no sentence of death will be imposed against anyone under 18 years.

Instead, the offender will be detained during the President’s pleasure. This means that anyone under 18 and convicted of a capital charge will not hang but be detained for an indefinite period.

Nurhayati – who has been examined by a psychiatrist – was remanded another week for psychiatric assessment. Her case will be mentioned again on Dec 31.

Outside the courtroom, her lawyer Mohamed Muzammil Mohamed told reporters that he and officials from the Indonesian Embassy visited Nurhayati’s family in the village last week and ascertained her age from school records and interviewing the family.

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Boy Dies After Beating

25 Dec

The body of Danish Iman Abdullah being carried by a man believed to be his father before the burial on Tuesday.The boy was beaten on Dec 15 and died in hospital on Monday. His mother’s friend has been charged with murder in connection with the case. — PHOTO: BERITA HARIAN

A THREE-year-old boy was so badly battered that he died from his injuries five days later in hospital.

A friend of the toddler’s 22-year-old mother, Muhammad Raffiq Jaffah, was arrested after causing grievous hurt to the boy on Dec 15.

On Monday, the boy, Danish Iman Abdullah, succumbed to his injuries at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The charge against Muhammad, 23, was then changed to one of murder, and he now faces the death sentence if convicted. He is in remand and will return to court next Tuesday.

He is alleged to have hit the boy in a Geylang Road shophouse between 5.30pm and 6.15pm on Dec 15 by using his hand to slap the toddler’s face, causing him to knock against the wall.

The boy was taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

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Ho Bee Media CEO Dies

24 Dec

PROMINENT Singaporean businessman Chua Pin Chong died suddenly in Rome on Sunday morning, just before he was due to board a plane to come home.

Mr Chua, the youngest brother of Mr Chua Thian Poh, president of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, had been on a 10-day holiday in Europe with his wife and four children.

He was chief executive officer of Ho Bee Media and Ho Bee Print, which are subsidiaries of the Ho Bee group of companies.

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'I Wouldn't Have Accepted It'

24 Dec

IF HE had known the kidney that gave him a new lease of life was donated by his wife’s lover, he would never have accepted it.

‘I said to her, if there’s something going on between you two, tell me. I don’t want his kidney, I can do with dialysis my whole life,’ the 47-year-old told The Straits Times on Sunday from his bed at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, where he has been warded for a pneumonia relapse.

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S'porean Dies In HK

24 Dec

A Singaporean man on a trip to Hong Kong to take part in a war game simulation has died of suspected hypothermia. — PHOTO: ORIENTAL DAILY

HONG KONG – A SINGAPOREAN man on a trip to Hong Kong to take part in a war game simulation has died of suspected hypothermia after temperatures plunged to a low of 15 deg C.

According to local press reports, the death occurred at around 1pm on Saturday at a war game simulation centre in Yuen Long district, in the north of the territory near Shenzhen.

The Chinese-language Ming Pao Daily News said the 51-year-old man, Mr Derek Tham, had arrived at the centre together with his niece and several other friends and was walking towards the venue of the war game when he suddenly fainted.

The paper said Mr Tham and his fellow war game enthusiasts were in their combat fatigues, had drawn their weapons, and were raring to go when the tragedy happened.

His companions quickly alerted the police and an ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and rushed Mr Tham to the nearby Pok Oi Hospital, where he was officially pronounced dead at 2.34pm, according to Apple Daily.

The cause of his death is still being investigated, although a doctor who spoke to the press told reporters that Mr Tham, who suffered from high-blood pressure, could have died after the cold temperature in the area triggered a heart attack.

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Heartbreak In FB World

21 Dec


KUALA LUMPUR – ‘GOODBYE, my friend, goodbye My love, you are in my heart.’ Russian poet Sergei Esenin wrote this suicide note in his own blood and passed it to his friend the day before he hanged himself.

When Alviss Kong, 22, decided to take his life after his girlfriend of four months left him last week, he posted a farewell status on his Facebook page together with a teary photo of himself.

The status at 11.15pm read ‘Count Down For 45 Mins…What should I do in this 45 mins?’

In the ensuing minutes, up to 204 Facebook members ‘liked’ his suicidal status post on his Facebook wall, but no one stopped him or alerted his family on his suicidal intentions. A few hours later, his body was found sprawled on a car, fallen from the 14th floor of his apartment building in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Paul Jambunathan, consultant clinical psychologist at Monash University Malaysia and Sunway Medical Centre describes those who ‘liked’ Alviss’ Facebook status as ’emotional voyeurs’. ‘People love to hear about what is happening to others and how they are suffering,’ he says, linking it to the trends in today’s popular culture.

‘This culture includes suicide as an option to past history within the family or significant others, movies, lyrics and media sensationalism. They all have an effect that makes suicide an option when really it should never be,’ he says. — THE STAR/ANN

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Woman Arrested For Boarding Bus In The Buff

21 Dec

A MIDDLE-AGED woman has been arrested after boarding a bus naked – the latest in a string of such incidents.

The Chinese woman in her 50s turned up at a bus stop in Ubi wearing a black blouse and pair of black pants, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

She slowly stripped, putting her clothes into a large handbag she was carrying.

Several minutes later, the number 22 bus ferrying more than 20 passengers reportedly arrived at the bus stop next to Block 302 in Ubi Avenue 1.

The woman boarded it and made her way to the back.

The bus driver is said to have promptly stopped the bus, ordered the male passengers to the front and women to the back, where they could help shield the woman.

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'Booted Out By Landlord'

19 Dec


TWO days after she survived a dramatic fall from a 12th-storey apartment unit, it was deja vu for Ms Zhou Zhi Hui who revisited the scene of the accident.

The Chinese national headed straight back to her rented apartment at The Citrine condominium in Balestier after she was discharged from Tan Tock Seng Hospital on Sunday.

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Donor Is Wife's Lover

19 Dec

A BUSINESSMAN with end-stage renal disease was saved from death by a kidney donation from a man who was a friend of his wife.

His gratitude turned to anger and depression when he found out about a month after the operation that the good Samaritan was actually his wife’s lover.

Worse was to come.

The donor turned out to be the father of his four-year-old daughter, too.

According to documents tendered in court, the businessman was at work on Sept 1, 2008 when he got a call that his wife and his kidney donor were inside his Chiltern Park Condominium apartment in Serangoon Avenue 3.

The man – a wholesaler in soft drinks and alcoholic beverages – decided to confront them.

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Upskirt Pervert Jailed

19 Dec

Sales manager Soo Ee Hock will serve 9 months in jail for taking about 200 upskirt videos of unsuspecting women. — ST PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN

A SALES manager who took about 200 upskirt videos of unsuspecting women with a camera pen was sentenced to nine months’ jail on Tuesday.

Soo Ee Hock, 35, intends to appeal and bail of $20,000 was offered.

The married man had pleaded guilty two weeks ago, to 12 of 201 counts of intruding into the privacy of women between November 2008 and March last year.

He would clip the pen with a built-in video camera onto his laptop bag and place it under the skirt of the unknown female standing in front of him on an escalator, to capture an upskirt digital video recording of her thighs and underwear.

He was arrested at Junction 8 Bishan Shopping Centre on July 7, 2009.

District Judge Lee Poh Choo said Soo knew full well what he was doing and was a serial offender. She said he intended to keep those images for a long time as he had burnt them onto a CD, and ‘that shows the extent of his perverted mind’.

Soo could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined on each charge.

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