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Zoe Tay Aims To Raise S$60k For Charity With Personalised Stamps

3 Oct

SINGAPORE: Christmas may be more than two months away, but those wishing to add a personalised touch when mailing out their Christmas cards can do so with special stamps and for a good cause.

Called “Kidz 4 Kidz MyStamp”, these limited-edition personalised stamps by SingPost feature a variety of themes, including popular movies, television shows and cartoon characters.

All proceeds from the sale of these stamps will go to the Community Chest in support of the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children by the AWWA Early Years Centre.

Launching this charity initiative was MediaCorp artiste Zoe Tay, who hopes to raise some S$60,000.

The stamps, which cost S$20, will be available at 62 post offices till December 31 and they can also be ordered online at

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Girls Just Cannot Have Fun

1 Aug

SINGAPORE : Gosh, it must really suck to be a girl. You people just can’t do anything, can you?

Last weekend, Transformers star Shia LaBeouf got into an early morning car crash, after reportedly doing whiskey shots at a bar and, as Us magazine quoted a source, “dancing around and acting really crazy”.

At about 3am, his pickup truck collided with another vehicle, flipping the actor’s truck. He was arrested because, according to a statement from the police, it was immediately apparent to officers at the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated. He was then released for misdemeanour DUI (driving under the influence).

The 22-year-old is now recovering from hand surgery and is expected to miss a whole month of work on the “Transformers” sequel. And the only shocking thing about this? The fact that no one batted an eye.

When Paris Hilton was arrested on her DUI charge, there was plenty of public outrage. When Lindsay Lohan was arrested (twice) on DUI charges, bloggers called for her to be shipped off to rehab. She even almost missed out on shooting her latest film “Labor Pains” because insurance companies refused to cover the party-prone starlet. And she didn’t even hit anyone.

Even relative (this is Hollywood we’re talking about) good-girl Mischa Barton was shamed into admitting to Nylon magazine that her DUI arrest was “a low point”, and that she was “disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with.”

Yup, a group of girls.

LaBeouf, in the meantime, can be seen on the cover of the upcoming September issue of Details openly talking about how he’s a big fan of booze: “I don’t know how to have one drink,” he reportedly told the magazine. “I don’t know how to do it like a gentleman.” He then added that he and his dad would smoke and drink together.

It seems the general sentiment is one of, “Oh, well. Boys will be boys.” It’s a blatant double-standard that makes a boy like me happy to own a pair.

Colin Farrell hit Hollywood as anotorious, boozing womaniser, rarely seen on a red carpet without a cigarette and a plastic cup of beer in hand. “Oh, he’s just Irish,” people would say, swooning just a tad. “You know these Europeans.”

Right. Eva Green is European and she can hardly get away with wearing too much eye-liner.

Even old Hollywood legends aren’t exempted from the sexist curb on female fun. Peter O’Toole, a hell-raiser in his day with fellow boozers Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Oliver Reed, has “amusing anecdotes of debauchery”.

“Booze is the most outrageous of drugs, which is why I chose it,” he famously said.

Elizabeth Taylor, however, is just “plagued by problems with alcohol”.

The double-standard doesn’t just apply to Hollywood. Christopher Lee served some time in jail for his DUI hit-and-run, and the incident has blown over with considerably little drama. Can you imagine if it had been Fann Wong instead? This is not a case of popularity being a factor. Benedict Goh and Terence Cao – now that’s running the gamut from C-list to A-list – were also caught drink-driving, and while there was a certain amount of scandal involved, it was nothing compared to the apocalypse the four tabloid horsemen would bring if it had been Felicia Chin or Zoe Tay.

Neither is that double-standard restricted to just misadventures in inebriation. Good golly, no – it applies to just about everything.

Let’s talk celebrity sex tapes. Pamela Anderson made Tommy Lee a legend, Paris Hilton made Rick Salomon an instant celebrity and Kim Kardashian gave Ray J a boost from “Brandy’s little brother” to “hip-hop star”. The girls, however, were called a variety of very unkind names.

George Clooney matured into a “silver fox” regularly voted one of the sexiest men around. The “Sex and the City” girls are the new Golden Girls.

David Bowie’s a genius. Bjork is crazy. Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones are legends. Madonna’s a grandma. RuPaul’s an entertainer. Cher is a drag queen.

What’s that, ladies? It’s not fair? You bet it isn’t. Gosh, it sucks to be you. –

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Tay Ping Hui Is 'Not Cool'

20 Jun

SINGAPORE: Beneath that suave and cool exterior, Tay Ping Hui is really a klutz who trips over himself, weirds people out with his OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and is “terrible with women”.

If you can’t imagine it, see for yourself in the MediaCorp artiste’s next dramedy where he plays a former CID officer on the wrong end of the cool-chart.

Filming started on Thursday after a prayer ceremony held at Caldecott Broadcast Centre.

Speaking to TODAY, Tay revealed that in reality, he’s not always the picture of cool collectedness he seems to portray.

“I’ve walked into a tree before,” said the 37-year-old of his clumsiness.

“I may be quiet and low key but I don’t think I’m cool at all. That’s so lame.”

In Crime Busters (its working title), Tay’s “witty” and “intelligent” character investigates cold cases in an ulu four-staff department together with his young partner (Dawn Yeoh).

For her role, Yeoh trades her saccharine sweet princess-y image for a more androgenous look, complete with a shorter do and a spunkier get-up.

The series also stars MediaCorp’s new face to look out for – Paige Chua. The 27-year-old model recently starred as Fiona Xie’s sister in Just in Singapore and can currently be seen on TV in La Femme alongside Zoe Tay.

You’ll be seeing lots more of the comely actress when the nitty-gritties of her contract with MediaCorp are finalised.

Shaun Chen, Pan Ling Ling, Alan Tern, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Yao Dong, Joey Swee, Rayson Tan and Michelle Chong round up the cast.

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Into Overdrive For Sichuan Quake Victims

23 May

SINGAPORE: Even as rescue workers in China are toiling to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, the production team at MediaCorp Studios is working overtime to play its part in relief efforts.

Never has the team needed to put a charity show together in less than a week and staff have been working “round-the-clock, editing footage” for broadcast, said Ms Doreen Neo, senior vice-president of MediaCorp Studios’ Chinese Entertainment Productions and Studios Business Division.

The Sichuan Earthquake Charity Show, to be broadcast live this Sunday from 7pm to 10pm on Channel 8, will “be a show that comes from the heart and we will be showing Singaporeans what our Chinese friends are going through,” said Ms Neo.

Mr Clifton Yong, MediaCorp’s executive vice-president of sales and marketing, applauded the extra hours put in by staff attending to details like securing the relevant permits, making seating arrangements and structuring the programme.

It is likely to be a simple affair, with song routines and calls for donations. Besides celebrities like Fann Wong, Zoe Tay and JJ Lin, Singaporeans from all walks of life and Chinese nationals based here will also be appearing to appeal for donations, said Ms Neo.

In addition to the three phone lines for $6, $18 and $50 donations that have been set up since Thursday, 35 more phone lines – manned by MediaCorp Radio’s DJs and other celebrities – will be open to those wishing to give more than $50.

Those who give more than $5,000 will have their donations acknowledged during the broadcast.

“We want to enable everyone to pledge their donations in a more accessible way,” said Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, adviser to the show and the MP for Aljunied Group Representative Committee.

MediaCorp has received calls from businesses like hawker stalls wishing to donate their takings to the quake victims and “we are setting up these new hotlines to facilitate”, said Mr Yeo.

The show is organised by Unusual Productions, Scorpio East Holdings and Novena Holdings, and produced by MediaCorp. When Mr Yeo found out that Scorpio East planned to stage a live concert at the Kallang Indoor Stadium while Novena Holdings wanted to stage a concert at the Singapore Expo, he managed to get them to join forces with the other organisations and take the show to a much wider audience on national TV.

Supermarket giant NTUC FairPrice will also be collecting donations for the Sichuan quake victims. From today to June 14, the public can make donations at all FairPrice outlets and Cheers convenience stores, making it “more convenient for the public to show their concern”, said Mr Seah Kian Peng, FairPrice’s managing director. –

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To Stay In Top Form, Celebrity Mums Turn To Nature's Offerings

10 May

Zoe Tay will soon be seen in a drama series in which she acts as a frumpy housewife.

But in reality, the 40-year-old mother of two looked radiant and stylish at Thursday’s Garnier media conference where she was unveiled as the new spokesperson for the beauty brand’s Age Lift range.

The key ingredient used in the anti-ageing range is Pro-Xylane from beech tree extract, proven to plump up skin, boost collagen production and fill out fine lines. Other ingredients include ginger concentrate, cherry and blueberry – all of which help to smoothen skin, improve skin elasticity and fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Said the MediaCorp artiste candidly: “I’m not shy about being 40 and it’s time that I choose a skincare range suitable for my age.” The nature-lover was also drawn to the use of natural ingredients in Garnier skincare products.

On staying attractive as a mother, Zoe told TODAY: “I’ve a job, my own social life and personal successes so I can still keep my mind going. My husband always tells me it’s okay if I don’t lose weight or if I don’t look that good, but I tell him it’s bulls***! You know how husbands are – they may say one thing but mean another. Anyway, I always tell my husband that I look good for myself and not for him!”

The veteran actress admits that being a mother of two young boys – one aged three, the other seven months – has left her with less time for her beauty regimen.

Zoe now relies more on home treatments: She applies a face mask when her sons are asleep, so she can enjoy her family’s company while maintaining her looks.

Ironically, Zoe only started paying more attention to her complexion after she became a mother.

Calling herself a late bloomer, she said she only started using skincare products after the age of 20 and recalled how she used to be a skincare klutz. “I’d use the wrong kind of eye serum and my skin would peel. And I used to think that a facial scrub was a face mask and would leave my scrub on my face for hours!”

Although she’s savvier nowadays, Zoe still believes in going back to basics – drinking lots of water. When she’s out filming on location, for example, she takes two large bottles of water with her.

She’s also a staunch believer in sunblock, not only for herself but the three men in her life, too. She nags her pilot husband to use more sunblock as he flies close to the sun. And she slathers it on her sons when they go out.

What she will steer clear of is plastic surgery because of her fear of needles and pain, although she did come close to partaking of, um, herself.

“Some believe that consuming one’s placenta has substantial skin benefits. So, after my elder son was born, I kept the placenta in the fridge for a few years, but I forgot all about it! In fact, I just threw it out the other day. So, yes, I came close to eating it,” said Zoe.

But now, the Queen of Caldecott need only head to her dressing table to find the anti-ageing solution – her Garnier Age Lift products.

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MediaCorp's Zoe Tay, Ivy Lee Share Tips At First Mums' Congress

15 Mar

SINGAPORE: Two celebrity mums shared their parenting experiences with first-time parents at a seminar on Saturday.

Actress Zoe Tay, who is a mother of two boys, and actress Ivy Lee, a mother of three, joined mums and mums-to be at the First Mums’ Congress, organised by MediaCorp TV.

Tips for parents also came from an obstetrician, paediatrician, and experts on lactation and baby stimulation.

Topics covered included tips to a happy pregnancy such as how to look out for key milestones of the foetus, what food to eat and what to avoid, the right formula to raising a happy and healthy baby, and advice on breastfeeding.

Participants also learnt the secrets to stimulating the baby’s learning abilities right from the womb.

There was also advice for first-time dads on their roles during their wives’ pregnancy and how they can bond with their babies throughout that crucial first year.

– CNA/so

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SpongeBob SquarePants Performs Musical World Premiere In S'pore

31 May

SINGAPORE: You may have seen him on television but for the first time, popular cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants has come alive on stage.

SpongeBob on Thursday performed his musical world premiere in Singapore.

The musical combines live acting with puppetry and costumes.

SpongeBob SquarePants Live! takes audiences under-the-sea.

The musical is set in the make-believe, subterranean city of Bikini Bottom.

And SpongeBob is joined by all his friends from his TV show.

Also joining in the fun was actress Zoe Tay who was in the audience with other celebrities.

The show is in town from 31 May until 6 June at Singapore Expo Hall 3.

Tickets range from S$38 to S$68. – CNA/yy

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New Take For Star Charity

12 Jul

This year’s President’s Star Charity show takes on a whole new approach, with the theme “Helping Hands and Dancing Feet”.

Much like the NKF Cancer Show, there won’t be artistes performing dangerous stunts or competing against each other in gameshow-like contests to raise funds.

Come July 31, local celebrities such as Zoe Tay, Ann Kok, Celest Chong, Darren Lim and Aileen Tan will perform song and dance items in aid of 47 beneficiaries. Actresses Joanne Peh and Li Lin, along with the Flying Dutchman, will host the show.

Zoe will be performing a dance item with fellow actress Andrea De Cruz and 30 children, which she describes a a “heartwarming act”.

“It doesn’t matter what I perform, just as long as it’s for charity,” said Zoe, who was last seen performing her dice-stacking act at the NKF Cancer Show.

The show will also include a special performance from Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, with a gymnastic act by The German Wheel.

“Singapore is a city that has a special place in our hearts and we are honoured to be a part of this important and prestigious annual charity event,” said Milan Rokic, Cirque du Soleil’s Asia Pacific marketing director.-

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