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Kareena's Concerns

15 Dec

Kareena’s concerns

Kareena Kapoor.

THERE is a certain arrogance that cannot be denied, but whether it is cultivated or natural is difficult to tell. But to Kareena Kapoor this was hardly a matter to lose sleep over. The current favourite among the newer generation of stars, Kapoor with a toss of her well shaped head pooh-poohs any suggestions of being the “dumb blonde”.

She readily admits to taking extra care over her appearance saying, “I am what I am today because of my looks and my style.” She also considered herself as a style icon and rubbished all the tabloids for telling her to cover up. “I am not the only one wearing revealing clothes. Everybody is doing it,” said Kapoor claiming that if she dressed any differently her box office ratings would probably plummet. But apart from all this Kapoor is equally clear on the direction her career has to take. Justifying some of her not-so-great roles she said that she had to earn “a living” but at the same time saw herself as doing better roles once she is older.

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