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MediaCorp-RTM Mega-Show To Feature Big Names

14 Apr

SINGAPORE: It’s going to be a duet between two countries, two major broadcasters and two rising stars who were crowned Idols in their home countries.

Singapore’s MediaCorp TV 12’s Suria and Malaysia’s RTM TV1 are organising a mega-show which will feature Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah and his Malaysian counterpart Jaclyn Victor.

Artistes like Suhaimi Yusof and veteran Ramli Sarip as well as regional sensation Siti Nurhaliza will also perform in the show.

The show, titled Muzika Ekstravaganza, will be aired on Suria and RTM TV1 at 8:30pm on 23 April.

Besides the Malays, the show also hopes to reach a non-Malay and younger audience.

So, personalities like Gurmit Singh – who plays the iconic Phua Chu Kang – and four Singapore Idol finalists including Christopher Lee and Jeassea Thyidor will also be on the stage.

Suria’s programming director, Mohamed Ali, said: “I think this is a fantastic opportunity for talents to meet, and when talents meet wonderful things happen. I think this Music Ekstravaganza will be one such platform.”

“We’re certainly hoping for an annual television event and it’s our hope that our partners will host us next year in Malaysia. It is my personal wish that this will become a tradition between Suria and RTM,” he added.

This is not the first time the two stations are collaborating.

Some Singaporeans and Malaysians may remember Rampaisari, the former annual show co-produced by the two broadcasting stations.

It was last held some eight years ago.

Producers promise that Muzika Ekstravaganza will be a much more elaborate and colourful show.

Suhaimi Jais, controller of EagleVision, said: “We’ve decided to import a lot of influence from Morocco, the Mediterranean, Bollywood, Hollywood as well as Singapore and Malaysia, so that we can improvise these elements.”

Rap band Triple Noize will also be meeting their Malaysian counterparts Ruffedge during the two-hour show. – CNA/ir

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