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Party In Dubai May Spell Trouble For Wesley Snipes

27 Mar

WASHINGTON – Actor Wesley Snipes could be restricted from travelling abroad after he attended a lavish party in Dubai in November 2008 while appealing a tax conviction.

Prosecutors in his tax evasion case are appealing to a Florida judge to restrict his movements internationally. The “Blade” star was dealt a three-year prison sentence last year after he was found guilty of failing to file taxes for five years.

He is currently free on a US$1 million bond pending an appeal.

While Snipes waits for the outcome of the appeal, he has been given the permission to travel overseas to fulfil work commitments. A federal judge ruled that the celebrity could fly to London and Bangkok to work on his two movies, “Gallowwalker” and “Chasing The Dragon”.

He has also been granted permission to travel to Namibia to re-shoot scenes for “Gallowwalker”, and then to Italy to film a new action movie.

“It is essential that Mr Snipes complete this project to satisfy his civil tax liabilities and provide for his family,” his attorneys said in the filing.

However prosecutors in Florida are requesting a judge ban him from international travel after he “abused the Court’s trust” by attending an “unauthorised” party in Dubai for the opening of the Atlantis Hotel resort.

“For that reason alone, the Court should deny his current request for international travel,” the US Attorney’s Office said in court papers filed on Tuesday.

The federal prosecutors are also asking for Snipes’ bond be revoked pending the appeal.

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