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The Ultimate Age-Buster

20 Jul

The range of ultimate age-defying skincare.
The range of ultimate age-defying skincare.

With years of research invested into how cells function, no wonder its makers confidently call it the ‘ultimate age-defying cream’. MEENA SREENIVASAN finds out more.

Models introducing the range of products.
Models introducing the range of products.

THE constant launch of new products coupled with the unceasing variety of products mean that women have a difficult task picking treatment and products.

The high-end French brands, which are more expensive in Tokyo than in Paris, epitomised luxury and efficacy to Japanese women.

The Japanese cosmetics giants soon realised it was high time they created a luxurious line of anti-ageing skin treatment and make-up for the Japanese market.

Cle de Peau Beaute, the first haute couture cosmetics collection, was born in 1982.

An autonomous unit at Shiseido, its researchers have continuously pursued the latest developments in cell research and incorporated technological advances into its high-performance products.

At Cle de Peau Beaute’s recent launch here at the Carcosa Seri Negara, its brand manager Kazuko Hirai explained: “In conjunction with a research and development project conducted by Shiseido Research Centre, new possibilities in the field of anti-aging skincare were explored with the discovery of the ion channel system that exists in epidermal cells.”

Cle de Peau Beaute, he said, finally homed in on ion channels, the subject of the 2003 Nobel prize-winning research in Chemistry.

“Ion channels are found in cell membranes and they maintain and adjust membrane potential and concentration of intercellular ions.

Just as nerves and the brain transmit information, ion channels provide the skin with its own mechanism to instantly pass on information throughout epidermal cells.

“When the skin detects external stimuli such as dryness or UV ray exposure, a signal is transmitted through the ion channels to neighbouring cells, after which the cell returns to its original state. By applying these findings to Cle de Peau’s La Creme, we have created the ultimate age-defying cream.”

Among the celebrities spotted at the launch were Erra Fazira, Carmen Soo, Gloria Ting, Melissa Indot and Jaclyn Victor.

Also present was Shiseido Malaysia managing director Masayuki Kohchi and Eijiro Hara from Cle de Peau Beaute Skincare Development Centre.

The skincare and cosmetics are packaged beautifully. Originally conceived by European designer Annegrette Bayer, the Cle de Peau logo is distinguished by a stylised C and P intertwined, representing a golden or silver key.

While many of the products are really effective, the extremely high prices mean that only a selected few are able to experience Cle De Peau.


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Good As Gold

6 Jul

M.A.C model gets into the Gold Fever.
M.A.C model gets into the Gold Fever.

Gold is the colour which MAC is playing on this season and it looks luxurious, writes TENGKU ELENA TENGKU MAHAMAD.

GOLD is the colour this season for cosmetics. Those who have not tried using anything in gold, should give it a shot as this luxurious colour will not only make you glow but also show how hip you are.

At the recent launch of the new MAC cosmetic at the Sunway Pyramid outlet, themed “Gold Fever”, MAC senior make-up artist, Yokoe Chan, told us not to be afraid of using the colour.

“There is no need to be afraid of gold as you can play with the tone with other colours. If you are afraid to go for just gold, you can use it as a highlight,” said Chan.

Gold is not just meant for accessories, bags and clothing she added, and is perfect for Asian skin.

“Those with fair skin, can go for golden peach and for the tan and dark skinned, they can go for something like copper, bronze and olive green that is mixed with gold. It will look gorgeous,” she said.

Asian eyes are very versatile when it comes to colour accents. Therefore gold can be complimented with those brown eyes and multi-layering the eye shadow colours can enhance the look.

In order to create a cool yet chic look, you can wear gold eyeshadow by applying the shimmering colour from the lash line to just above the crease of the eye. Applying a fine line of shadow to the lower lashes and by topping it off with black mascara can make those sparkling eyes stand out even more.

Those who are game for a ‘dangerous look’ can mix gold eyeshadow with a deep purple eyeshadow, followed by applying a heavy layer of gold to the upper eyelids, flaring the colour out to the sides and outer tips of the eyebrows. A fine line of dark purple eyeshadow is then applied to the lower lid and the look is completed with eyeliner and thick black mascara.

MAC’s other products that come in gold shades include the powder blush with “trace gold”, eye liner with “golden bronze”, eye shadow with “goldmine” and “gorgeous gold”, lipglass with “instant gold”, glitter with “reflects gold” as well as pigment with “old gold” and “gold stroke”.

If you want a natural look, mix gold with orangey pink and bronze, said Chan, who added that gold is not just a colour donned for parties.

“Gold is perfect for other occasions like for work, shopping and dinners. If you want to wear gold to work, you can mix it with multi-toned colours where you highlight the gold on the eyes and lips. As for shopping, you highlight the gold on the eyes and cheeks,” she said.

“You must also be brave to explore with the colour when you go for dinner,” continued Chan.

When you head to parties, the best place to play with the golden hues is on the eye. The eye captures the most attention because when you talk to someone, they are looking at your eyes. Cheeks are also another place to highlight it on as it will give your face an instant glow.

Chan who sported the ’70s look that night, attracted many guests with her stunning and glittery gold eyelashes. The glitter on her eyelashes are from MAC’s glitter where she dipped half of the false lashes into the lash adhesive followed by dipping the other half into the gold glitter.

Chan was not the only one who had the glittery eyelashes as singer Melissa Indot who performed three songs at the launch was also into the gold fever.

According to Melissa, gold is luxurious, extravagant, bold, daring and dramatic and the characteristics depict everything that she feels when she is up on the stage.

“Don’t be afraid if you’re new to wearing gold. You can wear it with a splash of black and you can wear a gold hair band, gold belt or gold accessories. As you become comfortable in wearing gold, you’ll find that you’ll want to wear it even more. A lot of jewellery are gold. It is just our perception towards it. We only see gold acceptable in jewellery,” said Melissa.

Gold jewellery may cater more to adults but gold cosmetics can be worn by all ages. So go gold this season as the next season is all about cherry red!

For more beauty tips, visit the new MAC cosmetic outlet at the Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid or log on to


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Running Her Heart Out

25 May

Singer Melissa Indot recently ran a marathon under 90 minutes to raise funds for two children’s charities, writes RADIN SRI GHAZALI.

SINGING sensation Melissa Indot recently generated RM126, 240 for two charity organisations.

Donations were collected for her Ambank Kuala Lumpur International Marathon run on March 21 (a challenge she accepted to complete in less than 90 minutes).

During the cheque presentation ceremony at Shangri-La Hotel recently, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen was present as Melissa gave the money to Protect and Save the Children Association of Selangor & Kuala Lumpur, and Yayasan Salam Malaysia’s Pusat Jagaan Nur Salam.

“I never thought the run would yield such positive results. It started as a suggestion from friends and ended up as something meaningful in the life of others,” said Melissa.

She spent eight weeks prepping herself both mentally and physically before the run.

“Singers are not morning people. I had to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to start working out with a trainer,” she said.

The end result of her efforts seems to be priceless for the singer as the children from both homes carried banners and cheered as she reached the finishing line during the race.

“I have always looked up to personalities like Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie, Sting and Madonna. They used their star power to help create awareness about various charities,” she said.

Besides giving away the cheques, Melissa showed her latest video clip entitled Forbidden Love, the theme song for her fight against child abuse.

“I remembered an old song that I co-wrote years ago. The song was written from an abused victim’s point of view and the lyrics are perfect for these charities,” said Melissa, who recently bagged the Best English Album at the Anugerah Industri Muzik.

Forbidden Love’s lyrics illustrate how society has often turned a blind eye to taboo issues, especially physical and sexual abuse among children.

The video has Melissa singing blindfolded while pretending to play a piano in a room filled with pictures of children.

“We are very lucky that the video was sponsored by a production company and can be viewed over TV and on the Net,” she said.

Melissa also said she would be involved with both organisations for some time.

“I might run again next year or come up with another project to raise more money for them.”

“We are thankful to Melissa for sharing our vision. I urge the Government to support us ringgit for ringgit in future fund-raising efforts,” said the patron of Protect and Save the Children Association of Selangor & Kuala Lumpur, Datin Nazira Hajjar Hashim.

“Children from Nur Salam would love to be present to express their thanks to Melissa, but they have to attend school. So, I promised to get Melissa to meet them soon, maybe over goreng pisang or McDonald’s. Well done, Melissa! You rock!” said the advisor of Pusat Jagaan Nur Salam, Dr Hartini Zainuddin.


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Kes Dera Budak Meningkat

21 May

Oleh Efindi Badarudin

KUALA LUMPUR: Kes penderaan termasuk penderaan seks terhadap kanak-kanak mencatatkan peningkatan apabila 754 kes dilaporkan sepanjang tahun lalu, berbanding 670 kes pada tahun sebelumnya.

Daripada jumlah itu, 700 kes membabitkan kanak-kanak perempuan menjadi mangsa penderaan dan ia membimbangkan kerana golongan berkenaan perlu diberi perhatian oleh masyarakat dan bukannya sebagai alat penderaan.

Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen, berkata keselamatan kanak-kanak ialah isu serius kerana perlindungan golongan itu penting bukan saja memberi perlindungan daripada panas dan hujan.

Menurutnya, perlindungan kanak-kanak membabitkan emosi supaya sentiasa selamat dan dalam keadaan terkawal bagi menghalang golongan terbabit hilang semangat serta keyakinan diri.

Katanya, pendidikan awal juga perlu diberikan kepada anak mengelakkan diri mereka daripada menjadi mangsa penderaan serta gangguan seksual.

“Ibu bapa perlu diberikan pendedahan belajar mendengar dan melindungi anak mereka supaya kes penderaan dapat dihalang,” katanya pada sidang media selepas menyaksikan penyerahan cek oleh artis, Melissa Indot kepada dua pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak, di sini semalam.

Dua pusat itu ialah Pertubuhan Perlindungan dan Penyelamat Kanak-Kanak Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur serta Yayasan Salam Malaysia Pusat Jagaan Nur Salam.

Pada majlis itu, kedua-dua pusat berkenaan masing-masing menerima cek bernilai RM64,070 dan RM62,170 hasil kutipan derma oleh Melissa, seorang penyanyi baru.

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Detik Manis Faizal Tahir

5 May

Oleh Zul Husni Abdul Hamid

Faizal Tahir

Wira baru dalam industri hiburan genggam empat trofi pada Anugerah Industri Muzik Ke-15

DALAM kekalutan untuk membangunkan semula karier seninya yang pernah terhenti seketika, namun kembali diuji apabila terus dihukum lantaran kesilapan silam ternyata masih ada sinar yang menanti dalam perjalanan seni Faizal Tahir.

Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 15 yang berlabuh di Dewan Merdeka, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC), malam kelmarin menyaksikan sebutir lagi bintang seni berbakat besar lahir dengan segenap kelebihan untuk muncul sebagai wira baru industri hiburan.

Barangkali kepadanya bukan pengiktirafan yang dikejar, jauh sekali mengharap pujian melambung tinggi namun apa yang lebih utama adalah membawa karyanya ke tahap membanggakan.

Tidak hanya memburu kepuasan sendiri, Faizal membawa aspirasi besar untuk menyumbang sesuatu kepada industri muzik selepas sekian lama dibelenggu pelbagai masalah yang menyempitkan peluang kepada karya tempatan untuk berkembang.

Lupakan saja episod silam yang seboleh mungkin ingin dihapuskan daripada kotak ingatannya kerana AIM15 mengubat segala kedukaan itu.

Pengiktirafan tertinggi hasil kerja kerasnya menghasilkan nuansa baru dalam industri berakhir dengan sesuatu yang cukup manis, hanya bersandar kepada penerbitan sulung, Aku.Muzik.Kamu.

Dilancarkan enam bulan lalu, Aku.Muzik.Kamu meluncur laju untuk menjulang Faizal dengan pengiktirafan tertinggi yang menjadi idaman semua pengkarya muzik.

Meraih Album Terbaik, mengenepikan empat saingannya iaitu Melodi Ahlaan daripada Waheeda, Maulana (Rabbani) Eclecticism (Melissa Indot) dan Hadiah Daripada Hati (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza), Faizal melakar sejarah peribadi yang cukup bermakna terutama untuk dirinya yang masih hijau dalam industri hiburan.

“Kebelakangan ini banyak isu yang timbul apabila dikaitkan dengan Faizal Tahir namun pengiktirafan ini menjadi pemangkin untuk saya terus berkarya dan memberi sumbangan kepada industri muzik,” katanya.

Akui Faizal, anugerah Album Terbaik adalah pengiktirafan yang terlalu bernilai malah katanya, dia bagaikan tidak berdaya untuk menaiki pentas kerana tidak percaya kemenangan akan berpihak kepadanya.

Apatah lagi apabila menghadapi saingan daripada nama besar seperti Siti membuatkan bapa kepada dua cahaya mata itu langsung tidak meletak harapan besar.

“Jujurnya saya masih hijau dalam industri, masih banyak yang perlu saya pelajari untuk lebih memahami keperluan serta kehendak peminat.

“Pengiktirafan ini cukup besar dan penting untuk saya membina kerjaya, malah ia sebagai bonus terhadap segala usaha yang saya curahkan untuk memberi yang terbaik kepada album sulung ini,” katanya.

Turut membawa pulang tiga trofi lain, Faizal menghampakan kumpulan berpengalaman seperti Spider , MPire, Niskala dan Jinbara untuk meraih trofi Album Rock Terbaik.

Faizal sekali lagi bangkit dan membuktikan bintang yang dicipta menerusi pertandingan realiti juga mampu berdiri sama tinggi dengan penyanyi lain apabila menjulang trofi Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Lelaki).

Untuk kategori itu, Faizal menewaskan Sohaimi Meor Hassan, Hazami serta dua penyanyi muda, Kaer Azami dan Aliff Aziz.

Kemenangan yang sekali gus membuang persepsi umum terhadap bintang realiti yang dilihat lebih mengutamakan populariti berbanding bakat yang menjamin tiket untuk terus bertahan dan dihormati.

“Tiada beza antara artis yang lahir daripada program realiti atau sebaliknya kerana apa yang penting adalah kemahuan. Ini yang saya mahukan dan lebih utama kemenangan ini adalah pengiktirafan atas hasil kerja saya.

“Syukur alhamdulillah dan ketika ini, fokus saya untuk membina imej yang baik dari segi karier untuk terus menghasilkan karya yang matang,” katanya.

Faizal yang mencipta nama selepas memenangi tempat kedua program realiti, One In A Million terbitan 8TV turut diiktiraf Artis Baru Terbaik menghampakan Atilia, Estranged, Kaer Azami dan Karen Kong.

Menyorot keputusan AIM15, tidak banyak kejutan yang hadir malah kebanyakan calon mengulangi semula kejayaan yang pernah mereka cipta sebelum ini.

Selepas kecewa kepada Jaclyn Victor pada malam AIM14, Siti merampas semula trofi Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Wanita) menerusi album, Hadiah Daripada Hati.

Ia adalah kemenangan ke sembilan penyanyi kelahiran Kuala Lipis, Pahang itu yang sebelum ini mempertahankan trofi itu selama lapan tahun berturut-turut sejak memenanginya pada AIM 1999.

Siti turut mempertahankan trofi Album Pop Terbaik yang dimenanginya tahun lalu menerusi album Transkripsi selain lagu nyanyiannya, Cintamu yang digubah muziknya oleh Nai Kong memenangi Susunan Muzik Terbaik Di Dalam Lagu (Bahasa Malaysia).

Membawa pulang tiga kemenangan daripada lapan pencalonan yang diterima Hadiah Daripada Hati membuktikan Siti terus unggul di persadanya yang tersendiri.

Selepas empat kali trofi Album Nasyid Terbaik berpindah tangan, tiga kali menjadi milik Raihan manakala AIM14 ia berada dalam genggaman Ahmadi Hassan, Rabbani kembali mengunggulinya menerusi album Maulana.

Penyertaan yang terhad dengan hanya tiga pencalonan, AIM15 juga tandus penyertaan bagi kategori Album Pop Etnik Terbaik dengan dua pencalonan yang dimenangi Waheeda menerusi Melodi Ahlaan menewaskan Azfar yang mempertaruhkan album Jatuh Cinta Pandang Pertama.

AIM15 juga mencatat detik manis kepada kumpulan rock hip hop, Pop Shuvit apabila menerima anugerah khas, Anugerah Kembara.

Selama tujuh tahun membina nama, kumpulan ini hanya dikenali segelintir peminat tempatan namun itu semua tidak mematahkan semangat mereka untuk membawa bakat ke peringkat antarabangsa.

Penerimaan daripada peminat di Jepun membuktikan anak tempatan mampu bersaing dan pengiktirafan yang diberikan AIM15 menjadi pencetus semangat untuk meneroka peluang lebih besar pada masa akan datang.

AIM15 turut mengiktiraf komposer dan pemuzik terkenal, Fauzi Marzuki sebagai penerima Anugerah Wirama atas sumbangannya kepada dunia seni.

Membawa tema perpaduan, AIM15 turut menyajikan persembahan yang variasi menyatukan sebahagian besar artis yang dicalonkan dalam pelbagai siri selingan nyanyian yang menghiburkan dan bertenaga.

Senarai pemenang AIM 15:

  • Album Terbaik: Aku.Muzik.Kamu (Faizal Tahir)
  • Lagu Terbaik: Izinku Pergi (Azlan Abu Hassan/Sulu Sarawak/Kaer Azami)
  • Album Pop Terbaik: Hadiah Daripada Hati (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza)
  • Album Rock Terbaik: Aku.Muzik.Kamu (Faizal Tahir)
  • Album Nasyid Terbaik: Maulana (Rabbani)
  • Album Pop Etnik Terbaik: Melodi Ahlaan (Waheeda)
  • Album Inggeris Tempatan Terbaik: Eclecticism (Melissa Indot)
  • Artis Baru Terbaik: Faizal Tahir
  • Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Lelaki): Faizal Tahir
  • Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Wanita): Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
  • Artis Harapan: Suki
  • Album Cina Tempatan Terbaik: Here I Come (Andrew Tan)
  • Album India Tempatan Terbaik: Martin Zamigano Kanmani (Martin Zamigano)
  • Video Muzik Terbaik: Sangkar (Sean Chan/Atilia)
  • Lagu Bahasa Melayu Terbaik Yang Dipersembahkan Artis Luar Negara: Terlalu Cinta (Rossa)
  • Susunan Muzik Terbaik Di Dalam Lagu (Bahasa Malaysia): Cintamu (Nai Kong/Datuk Siti Nurhaliza)
  • Susunan Muzik Terbaik Di Dalam Lagu (Bukan Bahasa Malaysia): Last Breath (Hafiz Hamidun)
  • Kulit Album Terbaik: After 8 (Jenny Sun)
  • Rakaman Album Terbaik: After 8 (Nick Lee/JD Wong dan Illegal)

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Rocker Rocks AIM Awards

5 May

Faizal Tahir “flies” at the AIM awards show this year.

The recent AIM awards took some unexpected turns with reality show runner-up Faizal Tahir bagging the most trophies. DENNIS CHUA writes.

BANNED for three months for flashing a sprayed-on “tattoo” on his bare chest, a dashing rocker returned with a vengeance not unlike his favourite superhero from Planet Krypton.

The “Terengganu Superman”, better known as Faizal Tahir, emerged as the biggest winner in the 15th Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) last Saturday.

In the awards ceremony broadcast live over ntv7 from the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur, 30-year-old Faizal bagged four out of the 19 awards – Best Vocal Performance In An Album (Male), Best New Artiste, Best Rock Album and the top award of Album Of The Year for his debut album Aku.Muzik.Kamu.

Faizal, the runner-up of the first season of 8TV’s popular reality talent show One In A Million (OIAM), was also nominated for Best Engineered Album, Best Musical Arrangement In A Song (Non-Bahasa Malaysia) and Best Song which he lost to this year’s winner.

Accepting his first award of the evening from his fellow GangStarz Season One host Putri Andreanna (Anne) of Hot FM, Faizal joked that perhaps it was his luck to be seated next to pop queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza in the concert hall.

He also apologised to his fans in Perlis for being unable to attend the Karnival Jom Heboh of TV3 in Kangar the following day, after an objection against his presence by the Perlis Mufti Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.

“On a more serious note, I dedicate my trophies to my loved ones and the wonderful team of musicians, producers and lyricists who helped me achieve my dreams.

And to prove that he was all-out to “fly higher” as a singer, composer and songwriter, Faizal “flew” off stage and soared above the audience with help from a team of stage assistants who harnessed him to the ceiling.

Pop queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza continued her reign in the women’s categories of the AIM.

She took home three of the five awards she was nominated for namely Best Vocal Performance In An Album (Female), Best Pop Album (Hadiah Daripada Hati) and Best Musical Arrangement In A Song (Bahasa Malaysia).

Siti was also nominated for Best Album Cover and Song Of The Year.

OIAM Season One champion Suki Low won her first AIM award for Most Promising Artiste, beating crowd favourites such as Dafi Ismail Sabri of Akademi Fantasia 5 and Mentor Season One champion Fiq Abdul Halim.

“It’s my biggest event since OIAM. It will go a long way in helping the promotion of my coming album,” she said.

Suki said her debut album would be out next month and would have a mix of English and Bahasa Malaysia songs with a pop-rock flavour.

Another first-time AIM winner was jazz singer Melissa Indot who bagged the Best Local English Album for Eclecticism.

“I’ve been singing since I was three and my parents are very musical. They encouraged me to learn the piano when I was a kid, but I only became seriously interested in a recording career four years ago,” she said.

Acclaimed rock and hip-hop act Pop Shuvit finally gained its biggest recognition from the Malaysian music industry. AIM15 organising chairman Freddie Fernandez presented the group with the Anugerah Kembara for promoting Malaysian music abroad.

The seven-year-old band comprising Moots, JD Wong, AJ, Rudy and Uno has had three successful albums under its belt and a sizable fanbase in Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

Pop Shuvit was also nominated for Best Engineered Album, Best Music Video and Best Local English Album, for its latest album Freakshow Volume 1: Tales Of The Travelling Tunes, a collaboration with Thai singer Dandee.

Lead singer Moots said: “We’ve always loved making music and we believe the sky’s the limit.

He said the band had plans to market and launch its albums in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

“That’s the essence of Pop Shuvit, we always do things differently and love taking risks,” Moots said.

Veteran composer and producer Fauzi Marzuki was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award or Anugerah Wirama for his contributions to the music industry.

A respected mentor of major artistes such as Sheila Majid, Raja Ema and Jamal Abdillah, Fauzi thanked his fellow producers, composers and lyricists who collaborated with him successfully over the years.

He paid special tribute to the late Mike Bernie Chin, Fernandez, Jenny Chin and Mac Chew among others.

Fauzi, who started playing music at age 12 said his journey in the music industry was endless.

“I’ve never stopped and have no plans to retire,” he said.

Actor-comedian Afdlin Shauki and soul singer-cum-actress Adibah Noor proved a winning team as co-hosts for the awards. The Perak duo had great chemistry, cracked jokes that were not over-the-top and showed impressive knowledge of the various nominees.

They also showed off their skills in speaking Chinese, Tamil and Hindi, in line with the awards’ regular theme of creating national unity through music.

A veteran comedian made perhaps his first major public appearance in years during the intervals. He was none other than Yusof Hamid also known as Mr Os who was a household name in the 1980s.

Mr Os, who traded light-hearted barbs with his old pal Acappan, had lost none of his mischievous wit, and readily flashed his trade-mark toothy grin.

The awards were given out by singers, radio and television personalities Diddy Muhid, Aliff Aziz, Anne, Farawahida, Ezlynn, Daniel Lee, Pete Teo, Shebby Singh, Harith Iskander, Kartini Ariffin, Sohaimi Mior Hassan, Mila Jirin, Ben Loh, Sean Ghazi, Elyana, Dina Nadzir, Lah Ahmad, Fazley Yaakob and Datuk Julie Sudiro.

Backed by an orchestra led by music director Aubrey Suwito, Faizal, Hazami, Suki, Fiq, Dafi, Karen Kong, Boomerangx, Estranged, Pop Shuvit, Siti, Dayang Nurfaizah, Raja Atilia, Mawi, Anuar Zain and Rahim Maarof were the artistes who gave performances for the evening.

The stylish and sassy trio of Siti, Dayang and Atilia proved the best female act, when they performed a medley including the late pop king Sudirman Arshad’s moving hit song Warisan with soul and passion.

The same could be said for the best male act for the evening comprising Rahim, Anuar and the snow-capped Mawi. They jointly performed Man Bai’s kau Ilhamku, a moving tribute to recently departed members of the entertainment industry (including former New Straits Times entertainment journalist Azman Ahmad).


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