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Intisari Rancangan 8 TV

15 Feb

Ahad 15 Februari 2004


9.00 Jukebox

10.00 Creativo

10.30 Shop The World

11.00 House Wars

12.00 The Best of… Gilmore Girls


1.00 Its Good To Be… Will and Jada

1.30 Extreme Close-Ups – Mark Wahlberg

2.00 Music Specials – Gareth Gates TV Special

3.00 Each Other

4.00 I, Detective

4.30 Happy Sunday

6.00 Japanese Serial – My Husband


7.00 A Date With Lu Yu

7.30 8 Chart Show

8.00 Eight Corners

8.30 Guess Guess Guess

10.30 The 8TV Quickie

10.45 America’s Next Top Models

11.45 The 8TV Quickie

12.00 The Family

1.00 Jukebox

2.00 Penutup

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Sanjay Dutt Exempted From Appearance Till March 14

10 Feb

Sanjay Dutt exempted from appearance till March 14


FEB. 9.

A special court today exempted till March 14, all the 86 accused, including Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, in the 1993 bomb blasts case, from appearance and allowed the actor to visit various places within the country for film shootings.

They appeared before the Designated Judge, P.D. Kode, who ordered them to appear without fail on March 15.

The Judge also said that on the next occasion he would declare the date of the judgment in this case. Thirty-five other accused lodged in the central prison were also produced before the court.

Sanjay is charged with possessing an AK-56 rifle and later destroying the weapon.


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Addicted To Enrique

9 Feb

Addicted to Enrique

The Bailamos man is back, this time with more melody and meaning

SON OF Latin music maestro Julio Iglesias, he shot to fame with “Bailamos” and “Rhythm Divine”. By the time his album Escape was released, he became a household name, and gave other Latin music superstars such as Ricky Martin a run for their money.

Beginning his singing career as early as 1975 in Madrid, Spain, under the shadow of his talented father, Enrique Iglesias formulated his own brand of music which was soulful, yet foot-tapping.

Though his first couple of albums were purely in Spanish, his third self-titled album, and Escape were in English, which led to a huge fan following even outside the Latin music world.

It is surprising to know that Enrique has grown up listening to the likes of rock music acts such as Journey and Foreigner, but he attributes this to be a result of the fact that most of his childhood was spent in Miami.

Though his other brothers such as Julio Iglesias Junior tried their hand at singing pop (Julio Iglesias Jr. released a mediocre album called One More Chance a few years back), none except Enrique made it big. In fact, he is one of the very few artistes whose song was part of a Hollywood biggie, the Will Smith-starrer Wild Wild West.

Enrique released his first English album in 1999, and this was the time when other Spanish music acts such as Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin had just made it big. With Enrique joining the bandwagon, Spanish and Latin American music received a global facelift. After this, many traditional Spanish songs and rhythms were revived and incorporated by modern pop artistes.

Within a span of three to four years, Enrique won himself over 10 prestigious music awards, including the Grammy in 1997 for the Best Latin Performer, the Billboard Award for Artiste of The Year in 1999, and the Latin Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Album (Escape) in 2003.

It is interesting to note that unlike other artistes who stick to one prize-winning style of music that clicks, Enrique improvises his music and presents a variety of songs in each album. But of late, his songs seem to be going the slow and soulful way. Though hardcore Enrique fans wouldn’t mind this, some of us may still want that raw Latin energy back in his songs.

The latest album, Seven, reflects his tendency to sound more mellow and slow. For instance, the first number, “Addicted”, is catchy and hummable, so are the other tracks in the album, but the “Latin” element seems to be getting lost somewhere along the line.

Typically, any listener who has been a fan of the kind of music boy bands produce would definitely appreciate this album. But the rest of us cannot help feeling that if his music continues to sound this way, a day would come when listening to Enrique or Justin Timberlake would sound just the same.


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New Image

8 Feb

New image


WHEN BIPASHA BASU scorched the Hindi film screen with her role in “Jism”, it redefined the characteristics of Hindi film heroines. Fortunately or otherwise, Basu finds herself stuck with the image of a “sexy woman”. Not that it has deterred her and today as she unveils her future plans she claims the sexy label no longer bothers her. “I’m comfortable with being called sexy…just as long as I get good roles, which I am, its alright,” said she.Though she is keen to get a firm foothold in the industry and bag some meaty roles, Basu said her plans were crystal clear: “I want to act for a few years more, then get married, travel , have kids and own a food chain.”


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Meminjam Gaya Bollywood

8 Feb

SETELAH beberapa lama fenomena tersebut tidak begitu diendahkan terutama di Hollywood, kini ramai terpaksa mengakui bahawa Bollywood memang unik dan cukup berpengaruh.

Bollywood hari ini bukan semata-mata berkaitan tentang filem atau lagu mereka, apa yang ketara fesyen dari situ turut meraih tempat dalam dunia fesyen antarabangsa.

Bollywood sememangnya sinonim dengan fesyen kerana trend yang datang daripada bintang filem mereka sentiasa meraih perhatian.

Di kala filem Bollywood seperti Lagaan dan Bend it like Beckham meraih perhatian di peringkat global, gaya pakaian mereka juga mengikut jejak itu.

Fabrik sari yang mewah perincian, aksesori bermotif India dan variasi warna terang yang ceria itu kelihatan menjadi inspirasi banyak pereka bertaraf antarabangsa.

Banyak pereka terkemuka dunia mula tertarik dengan elemen tersebut dan menjadikan ia sebagai inspirasi baru mereka untuk berkarya bagi koleksi terbaru.

Kemewahan warna yang sering kali dikaitkan dengan Bollywood itu jelasnya menjadi tarikan mereka. Warna-warna asas yang terang itu cukup menarik untuk gaya musim panas.

Gaya masala bercampur fantasi itu menawan ramai pereka fesyen daripada label terkemuka. Itu termasuk koleksi daripada John Galliano, Celine, Issey Miyake dan Pucci.

Kecenderungan pereka adalah untuk mencipta keceriaan daripada masala warna Bollywood yang mewah itu.

John Galliano sendiri tidak segan meminjam hampir keseluruhan gaya pakaian sari wanita India dalam koleksinya sebelum ini.

Begitu juga dengan aksesori yang meletup sepanjang musim baru ini turut terkena tempias Bollywood.

Daripada subang gantung, rantai leher, gelang tangan, cincin di jari kaki hingga ke rantai kaki mempunyai motif India.

Anda tentu masih ingat subang gantung yang digayakan oleh bintang Hollywood, Nicole Kidman pada Anugerah Golden Globe tahun lepas. Ia menjadi begitu hangat.

Subang bergaya etnik itu kembali digayakan oleh banyak celebrity sejak kebelakangan.

Subang etnik seperti itu kembali digayakan oleh Julia Roberts baru-baru ini. Walaupun ia kelihatan seperti sesuatu yang cukup tradisional tetapi ia juga bakal hangat untuk gaya musim baru ini.

Ia turut menghiasi majalah fesyen terkenal yang mengangkat fesyen itu sebagai koleksi musim bunga/panas yang baru.

Hari ini ketika dunia fesyen didominasi oleh pereka dari Milan, Paris dan New York, pereka dari India juga mula meraih perhatian.

Pereka fesyen dari India seperti Tarun Tahiliani, Wendell Rodrick, Manish Malhotra, Rocky S dan Netta Lulla meraih tempat tersendiri dalam arena fesyen antarabangsa.

Rekaan daripada Rohit Bal pernah digayakan oleh banyak celebrity dari Hollywood termasuk Pamela Anderson dan Anna Kournikova.

Suatu masa dulu, ramai yang beranggapan pakaian masyarakat India sebagai sesuatu yang kuno dan bersifat setempat.

Fesyen selalu dikaitkan dengan Barat lantas banyak gaya dari situ diimport ke seluruh dunia.

Sehingga hadir generasi yang berani untuk menampilkan identiti India yang unik dengan menggabungkan gaya moden dan tradisional.

Eksperimen mereka untuk memindahkan sesuatu yang bersifat begitu tradisi kepada kontemporari berjaya mencipta fantasi Oriental yang boleh diterima di seluruh dunia.

Fabrik dan gaya dari India berbaur dengan potongan Barat yang moden nyata melahirkan satu fesyen yang unik.

Mereka juga berjaya mereka kembali rekaan pakaian India itu menjadi lebih unik dan glamor.

Hari ini evolusi fesyen di India berjaya mengagumkan rumah fesyen terkemuka lain.

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